Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Mama and The Poppa

We would like to introduce the people behind the Progress Milk Barn. There are about 16 of us give or take at times. This week you'll get a little about the Kenny and Jamie.
THE POPPA... Kenny>  He was raised in Folsom, La. on guess what? A Dairy Farm! He was raised with one older brother, and two older sisters. His mom and dad both grew up on dairies in the New Orleans area. He has a love for his cows and his land. It is truly his way of life, not a job. He is a 3rd. generation dairy farmer. He has been determined to keep his farm alive, in 2000 he started researching on the farm processing and cheesemaking, which resulted in his farm along with his Dad being the first farm in the MissLou area to come full circle and bring back bottled milk on the farm.
The only hobby Kenny really enjoys is watching football. He has been a fan of Saints Football since the days of them playing in the Tad Gormley Stadium. He would ride the greyhound bus and his Aunt Shirley and Uncle Burt would pick him up and go to the games.

THE MAMA...Jamie> Also known as Granny by the little ones(Luke calls me Grandee at the moment) I was raised in Folsom as well and Covington La. I was NOT raised on a dairy farm!! We did raise a big garden, which I hated harvesting at the time. I worked at Thrift Drugs on Claiborne Hill for 2 years in high school, and at a car dealer ship. I hated being in doors, my Mother's family ran a service station for 50 years,and I was always there outside. The smells were a little different than where I am today, oil and grease, then. Today it's fresh air and farm aroma!! Farm life is wonderful!! There is not a thing on this farm I cannot do,from milking, riding a tractor, artificial breeding(not my fav.),making cheese,running cows up and down(which I've decided I need a new border collie)
My hobbies include flowers, canning, reading, and baking. Wait some of these are the way of life my fav. reading and flowers!!

Front:Greg, Sarah, Daniel,Jamie,Katie,Travis,Kenny
Back:Lydia, Luke, Holden
(not pictured Sydnei and Kaylie ,they were at their moms)
Together> We have been married since 1980. I was 19 and Kenny was 20. We have 4 wonderful children,one son-in-law, and 5 grands.We bought our farm in Dec. 1984, we worked side by side for 17 years, before we had a short stint of owning a store and working off the farm. Today we are back at work on the farm doing our thing with our children. Taking pride in delivering good products to our customers, watching the cows, kids, and chickens out our windows. Come see us anytime at our farm and add a face to your next jug of milk.

                                                                                                                                      Milklady Jamie