Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's not really Hi again.....It's a fresh new season

It has truly been awhile, about 2 years. I can tell you that WE are still working hard as a FAMILY daily doing what we LOVE!! It will take more than one sitting or cup of coffee to catch you up and entertain your ears with whats been happening at the dairy (I'll probably leave that to mom because she remembers and recalls details far better than I can)--marriage, graduation, new mauthe baby, new cow additions, grandkids farm lessons from poppa(first time to see artifical insemination)BIG LESSON, new bigger pasteurizer,making commercials, oh the list goes on and on

What I'm interested in telling you....well what Im shouting from the barn rafters I'M OFFICIALLY WORKING AT THE DAIRY 100%, FULLTIME, EVERYDAY FROM BEFORE SUNRISE(btw is my fav on the farm) TO AFTER SUNSET!!!!!! I am saying goodbye and thank you to a job of 11 years in the medical field. I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy. I have long dreamed of this day and welcome this new season in my life with positive determination. I have so many things on my to-do list already and one is to keep you connected to our weekly activities via our blog. I hope you enjoy reading about 'The Mauthe's' as much as we LOVE living it!!!!!!!

I will leave you with this....

I am Blessed with God's Love, Joy and Happiness!!

Milklady rising to the top with Love and Joy....Sarah